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What’s It All About?

Gathering on the Greens® empowers women to seek opportunities beyond the office to develop and strengthen professional relationships by learning how to play golf for business while promoting the positive health and wellness benefits golf offers.

Since its inception, Gathering on the Greens® has been committed to bringing women together to think differently about networking opportunities. From its beginnings as a proud Lean In partner, powered by the PGA’s Get Golf Ready Program, an initiative to grow the game of golf, to where we are today providing expanded opportunities to connect with more people. The Gathering on the Greens® experience contributes to golf’s desire to be more inclusive and welcoming to communities who may not have otherwise experienced golf or its business and personal benefits.

Networking Opportunities

A key barrier in career advancement cited by women is lack of access to networks of influential colleagues. Influential colleagues are those who can, because of their level or power within the organization, connect women with information, resources, or other contacts that can help them advance in their careers. This issue is particularly pronounced for women of color, who face “double exclusion” in the workplace based on both their gender and race.1

Generally speaking, women stand to benefit from a wide range of informal networking opportunities that will broaden and diversify their networking circles. Golf is known to be one such informal networking opportunity.

1Research by Catalyst

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Of The U.S. Population Plays Golf


Of All Golfers Are Women


Of The Labor Force Are Women


Of Senior Roles Are Held By Women