1.  Who should attend Gathering on the Greens®?
Gathering on the Greens® is designed exclusively for women in business without regard to her industry/occupation.  Participants must be at least 21 years old with a desire to learn to play golf. Gathering on the Greens® is specifically tailored for women with little to no golf experience.

2. Who are the instructors for Gathering on the Greens®?
The instructors for Gathering on the Greens® sessions are certified PGA professionals.  Golf coaches and top amateur golfers may participate in select Gathering on the Greens® events  to assist with instruction. All instructors are enthusiastic about helping women learn to play golf.

3. I don’t have golf clubs, is that okay?
Yes. Golf clubs and equipment are provided for use during the sessions for women who do not have their own.

4. I have my own golf clubs and equipment. Can I bring them?
Yes, you are welcome to bring your own golf clubs.

5. I don’t have any golf clothes. What should I wear?
First and foremost, wear comfortable clothing. Gathering on the Greens® is an interactive workshop. You will be playing golf outside. Consider bringing a hat/visor or sunglasses, and sunscreen.
As a general rule of thumb, to be golf course appropriate, you should wear a shirt with a collar, slacks (khaki pants) or Bermuda length shorts or skort.  If you do not have golf shoes, wear shoes with a rubber sole (athletic shoe). You should not wear denim clothing or shoes with heels.

6. Should I buy new golf clothes and equipment to participate in Gathering on the Greens®?
No. If you are just starting out, you may discover the game isn’t for you. You probably have something in your closet that you can wear that meets golf course guidelines. (see FAQs #3 & #5)

7. I’ve never held a golf club before and am nervous I’ll mess up.
Don’t be nervous. The majority of the participants will be just like you – a beginner. You’ll  “mess up”, learn, and have fun together.

8. The event has a 3 hour window, will we be playing the entire time and what time should I arrive?
You will not be playing for the entire 3 hours. There is time built in for networking and brunch. You should plan to arrive 15-30 minutes prior to your session start time to allow time to check-in and warm up.

9. The weather forecast predicts rain, will Gathering on the Greens® be cancelled?
No. Golf is an outdoor sport and is played rain or shine.  If the weather becomes too severe, the golf course superintendent may suspend play for everyone’s safety. If that happens, we’ll move inside to the clubhouse for brunch and networking. In the event there are extreme weather conditions necessitating we cancel the session, all registrants will be notified and every attempt will be made to reschedule the session.

10. I’m not sure if I want to register in advance, can I pay on site?
No. To ensure the appropriate instructor to participant ratio, Gathering on the Greens® participants must be registered in advance. Onsite registration will not be available.

11. I am not able to attend each of the sessions, can I still participate?
Yes. While each session builds on the previous session, (which is why we recommend you attend each session), you are welcome to register for one or two sessions. You can also attend sessions in NY and NJ, based on your scheduling needs.

12. I missed one of the sessions, will I have missed too much to attend the next session?
Not to worry.  If you cannot attend all three sessions, register for the one(s) you can attend.  You will be grouped with other ladies who too have missed one of the sessions. Remember, Gathering on the Greens® is designed for beginners. We have some of the best teaching pros working with you to ensure a great learning experience.

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